Leave it to the experts!

Your team shouldn’t spend time diagnosing issues, monitoring network security. You deserve fast, reliable, and secure IT that you never need to worry about. We make it easy – and cost-effective – with our managed IT services (MSP).

Utility Telecom’s managed IT services bring big benefits to small and medium-sized companies:

  • Reducing demands on your team – and bringing advanced capabilities. Allow your employees to focus where you need them most. Our all-in-one solution gets you support, security monitoring, license management and more for a low monthly fee. Having us on-board means you don’t have to have your own in-house IT experts or expensive outside consultants.
  • Responsive, local support. Back your operations with our California and Nevada based experts who are ready to answer your call. No waiting when you need help fast.
  • Cost savings. With a predictable low monthly cost, you avoid hiring, staffing and keeping skills current. Engaging us instead of relying on your own in-house IT operations bri, which is helpful for budgeting.
  • Improved reliability and cyber security. Worry less about outages and network security. Nothing gets lost or missed because your team is focused elsewhere.
  • Supports today’s remote workforce. We monitor for network and security issues that can arise with remote working – whether from home or “on the road” – common in all types of businesses.


24/7 System Oversight

You get to focus on your business while we monitor the technology.

Remote & On-Site Support

Access to our experts 24/7.

User Account Management

Add / remove network users.

Your US-Based Partner

All of your work provided by our team based in Stockton, CA.

Client's Key Contact

Work with one person at Utility Telecom to evaluate your needs, your current status and make a plan for your service level agreement (SLA).

Proactive & Essential Services

We work “behind the scenes” to do consistent backups, apply updates and patches, software licenses, monitor server performance, log events, etc.

Comprehensive Security

Get the peace-of-mind you deserve with professionals preventing incidents from happening and getting ahead of emerging threats.


We guarantee that you will never get stuck talking to a machine when you reach our support line-our 24/7 live customer support team is full of qualified experts who are ready to help you with your business needs.