For nearly 30 years, our family-owned business has been helping local California and Nevada companies leverage telecom, internet and networking services for more efficient and effective business operations.


Our Hosted Unified Communications solution delivers integrated voice, video, and contact center capabilities from a single reliable source. Our network and data services include security surveillance, fiber optic networks, SD-WAN, and comprehensive fixed-price managed network services.
We are confident our services and products will work as promised. We’re known for trouble-free installations and loyal customers. We’re experts in our products, and the infrastructure needed to support them.
We provide support for today’s modern workforce. Our systems are designed with the remote worker in mind. Your client-service team won’t miss important customer calls with seamless transition to/from desk phones to mobile devices, including ability to instantly transition a regular call into a full-featured Zoom video conference.
Our local team is standing by to provide your business with quality support—24/7. NOT a call center in another time zone. Real people who live and work in the Central Valley who get to know you personally. We help you sort through your needs, challenges and questions, with efficiency. And if you need a technician, we can dispatch one to your site promptly.
Our local technicians are experienced industry veterans who can understand both your current installation and how to optimize your new system. Full network support including preventive/scheduled maintenance to stay ahead of any potential threat, device or network issues.
We tackle the set-up, you enjoy the results and the savings. With our business communications packages, we do the set-up, so you don’t have to pay your outside IT service to make it work (or sideline your in-house IT team with set-up challenges). We come to your site and do the set-up as part of our service package. Nothing to forget or overlook. No fuss. No expense.


Pre-Installation Review

An engineer visits your site, evaluates your network and identifies what needs to be done to insure a high-performing, reliable installation. If network modernization is required, you’ll be informed before installation – instead of learning later when it doesn’t work!

Hassle-Free Installation

We DO NOT ship you a box of parts and ask you to figure it out. Our technicians set-up and verify everything for you, at no additional cost. Nor do you need to call in your IT service firm to make it work.

Post-Installation Support

Our local team is standing by if you have an issue – and you won’t. We want you to be happy and for you to be a customer for life.

User Training and Support

We help you get maximum value for your investment, not selling you a bundle of things that you never use.



Businesses with remote (including work-from home) and mobile workers


Organizations with multiple departments or locations


Customer seupport and call centers


Companies outsourcing network management, security, and maintenance.


It all started in 1985.

While still in high school, Utility Telecom’s founder and CEO, Jason Mills founded his first business designing and installing business telephone systems. His success attracted the attention of local media, and he was interviewed on KGO TV of San Francisco in 1986 as the “Youngest Telephone Company Owner” in the United States.

In the 1990s, Jason continued to build his success and industry influence at a series of communication and internet service providers based in the Stockton, California area.

In 1996, he founded Utility Telecom, focusing exclusively on services for businesses, and quickly became one of the longest-lasting CLEC telecom providers on the West Coast. In fact, we’ve been in business for over 20 years! Over time, he grew the companies service offerings into a full suite of solutions with the addition of voice, data and network services. The company introduced unique bundled services for the hospitality and medical industries, which remain two large sources of activity today.

Prioritizing long-term customer relationships, reliable and innovative products, and competitive pricing, Utility Telecom has grown into a company with loyal customers across California and Nevada.

Jason Mills

Founder & CEO