How Security Cameras Can Help Maintain COVID-19 Guidelines

As we continue to navigate the global pandemic, it is essential to utilize tools that can help protect and prevent the spread.

The CDC has guidelines for all industries ranging from restaurants, significant events, group homes, and more. Many of the guidelines include wearing masks, proper hand hygiene, maintaining healthy work environments, etc.

Security cameras can be a helpful tool for keeping an eye on employees and customers alike to maintain guidelines.

Detecting Face Masks

Depending on your industry and local COVID-19 case rate, your workplace may or may not encourage wearing face masks. If it does, monitoring live footage can help keep track of any incoming employees or guests without a face mask.

While it can be easy to forget to put on a mask after drinking water or having a lunch break, indoor cameras can allow for an extra layer of monitoring, ensuring people continue to wear their masks throughout the day if needed.

Monitor Occupants

Whether you’re reducing the number of people in the building to encourage social distancing or limiting the number of non-essential visitors, a security camera can help you keep track of how many people are in your facility.

In addition to monitoring the number of people within a facility, some security camera models include thermal monitoring, which can screen for fevers or suspicious thermal temperatures for anyone coming into your workspace.

Ensure Healthy Work Environments

To prevent the spread of bacteria, be sure to maintain a healthy work environment by cleaning high-touch surfaces once a day.

Monitoring your janitorial team can ensure that all cleaning requirements are met to protect employees and guests.

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