Tips for Hosting Virtual Events

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has completely changed events. With every in-person event canceled or transitioned into a virtual experience, event-goers are certainly hoping for a greater sense of normality. Though there is no definite timeline for safety, one thing is for sure: virtual and hybrid events are here to stay. 

Unlike the abrupt and sudden changes that came with last year, event planners are much more prepared to create impressive digital experiences. Virtual experiences have certainly evolved now that there are more resources and helpful tips that are readily available. 

When you’re hosting your next virtual event, here are some helpful tips to consider.

Be Prepared

While many people are great at hosting events in person, it takes weeks of preparation. Put in the same level of effort with virtual events. The more prepared you are, the better an event you are likely to pull off. 

Think about the size of the event you are planning. How interactive would you like it to be? Will you be hosting a small meeting or a large webinar? All of these factors may have a different outcome for your event. 

You can also follow these helpful tips on our blog on how to look your best and how to sound your best for your virtual event.

Make it Interactive 

It may sound easy to read off slides or notes during a virtual event, but your audience will appreciate it if your event feels less like a lecture and keeps them involved. 

  • Keep your event attendees engaged by planning an interesting agenda.
  • Include attendees by including polls or responding to questions and comments live. 
  • A virtual environment may seem isolating, breakout rooms and a live chat feature can help others network and hold discussions.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Virtual events certainly require just as much promotion as an in-person event. Possibly even more so, since people are less inclined to attend virtual events without the perks of in-person networking, food, or refreshments. 

Treat your virtual event like the one you would host in person. Send out your company’s branded swag, offer lunch through a gift card, and be sure to promote what you’re offering for attending the event. 

Check-in After

Get feedback from your attendees by following up after the event. Send out an event survey, record your event and publish it on your website, and make plans for improvement. 

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