How to Step Up Your Web Meeting Background

Our last blog featured some helpful tips on how to sound your best during your web meetings as well as how to look your best, but those aren’t the only areas of concern when it comes to web meetings. 

While working from home certainly comes with its share of perks, it also comes with its share of difficulties. From small spaces to messy households, here are some helpful tips to optimize your remote workspace for virtual meetings. 

Prepare Your Remote Workspace 

Your virtual workspace can be wherever you feel most comfortable working. There are no expectations of perfectly furnished home offices, nor are there expectations of having the perfect natural background during meetings. However, if you’re speaking in a meeting with your video, you may want to consider a few tips to give you a professional background within your own home.

Tidy Up

Life can be messy, especially while working from home with kids, pets, or things that begin to clutter over time. Keep your workspace tidy by removing items that can be distracting or look too busy. These habits will keep your workspace clean and keep you looking prepared and professional during video meetings.

Keep Your Background Simple

If your space allows for it, work in front of a window with a clear space behind you. The sun from outside will provide natural lighting for your video and a simple space like a blank wall or tidy bookshelf can provide the best neutral backgrounds. 

Avoid having windows or doors in camera view to prevent accidental guests-appearances from your kids, pets, or other members of your household. 

Show Some Personality

Your workspace doesn’t have to be a boring space. Give your space some personality by adding in houseplants, wall art, or other decorative items that aren’t too loud or distracting.

Opt for a Virtual Background 

If you’re limited on space and want an easy fix for your next web meeting, consider opting for a virtual background. 

Similarly to a real background, you’ll want to avoid using a background that’s very loud and distracting. A virtual beach or poolside may be where you’d like to be, but doesn’t make for the best professional impression. Instead, pick something simple with light and neutral colors that compliment your outfit to avoid blending into the background. 

Lastly, be sure to do a quick camera test before starting a meeting to ensure that you look ready to tackle your meetings. 

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