Best Audio Practices for Web Meetings

Our last blog featured some helpful tips on how to look your best during web meetings, but your appearance isn’t the only area you need to focus on. Audio is the most important tool you have during a web meeting. To help ensure you have the best audio quality, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips that can help you sound great and get your message across. 

1. Test and Calibrate Your Audio

Most web conferencing tools will allow you to test and calibrate your microphone audio when on a laptop or desktop. Be sure to select the correct microphone and adjust the volume accordingly.

You want to ensure that your microphone volume is at an ideal range to avoid sounding too quiet or loud. 

2. Use a High-Quality Microphone 

Many laptops and webcams have built-in microphones that work decently, but to get the best-sounding audio, you may want to consider investing in an external microphone or headset. 

Most microphones and headsets are simple to use with a plug-and-play setup. Using a microphone or headset allows you to isolate your audio, avoiding unwanted noisy distractions like the sound of your keyboard while taking notes or writing emails during a meeting. 

3. Find The Best Distance for Your Microphone 

Much like testing your audio, you’ll also want to test the placement of your microphone. 

The further away you are from your microphone, the quieter your audio will sound. If you get too close to the microphone, your voice will sound louder… but so will any other awkward sounds you may make from breathing, sneezing, coughing, etc. 

To find the best compromise, position yourself several inches away and test your audio to ensure you find what works best for you. 

4. Have a Stable Internet Connection

If you’ve ever had to take your meeting on the go, you’ll understand the importance of a stable Internet connection.

A stable Internet connection prevents dropped calls, spotty audio, and disconnecting from web meetings altogether. 

5. Work In a Reliable Environment

Much like having a stable Internet connection, you’ll want to attend your web meetings from a reliable environment. 

Working remotely should not include your next vacation spot. Instead, opt for an environment that has good Internet, minimal background noise, and allows for focusing on your meetings. 

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