Woman looking at laptop during a web conference with a text overlay that reads "Tips for looking your best during web meetings"

Tips for Looking Your Best During Web Meetings

Working from home was once an option that felt like a luxury to most people. The remote-work culture was primarily led by entrepreneurs and freelancers who had much more flexibility with their work-life balance. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, business models all over the world were forced into changing their work structures. 

Switching to a remote-work model comes with some really exciting perks like skipping a daily commute and leaving behind stuffy slacks for some comfortable sweats that aren’t visible during a web conference. 

Though it’s easy to stop going the extra mile while in appearance while working from home, you might realize that looking a little too comfortable won’t make the best professional impression. To help you ensure you look your best during your web meetings, here are some helpful tips: 

  1. Don’t Roll Out Of Bed Before a Meeting

Skipping the morning commute doesn’t mean you should skip your morning routine. When you just roll out of bed before a meeting, chances are, meeting attendees can tell. 

Whether it’s a groggy voice, messy hair, or constant eye-rubbing, it’s never a good look to hop into a video chat right when you wake up. Stick to a routine that helps you wake up and ready to tackle the day. 

  1. Take Care Of Your Skin And Hair

Even if you’re not seeing anyone in person, continuing your skin and hair care routines will have you feeling a bit more confident in video calls where people only see your face. 

Stick to a routine that fits your life: a splash of water followed by an SPF; an extensive skincare routine; light and neutral makeup. Do what works for you to feel confident and screen-ready.

If salons have been closed in your area, you may not have had a haircut or trim in a long time. Your hair might be at an awkward length, or you may be used to wearing a baseball cap all day long. For the sake of professionalism, fix your hair the same way you would for a day in the office.

  1. Get Dressed For Work

The simple act of changing out of pajamas or workout gear will help you mentally prepare for your workday. 

Even if you’re working from your bedroom or kitchen table, at least keep your top half looking professional.

  1. Have Good Lighting

Your workspace lighting can make a big difference in how you look on your webcam.

If you can, work with your computer against a window for some natural lighting (the sunlight will be good for your mental health, too.) If you’re working in a room with little natural lighting, consider investing in a ring light that social media gurus swear by. 

Don’t face your back against natural lighting as it will cause a bright background and dark cast over your face. 

  1. Adjust Your Camera Angle

Nobody likes photos that emphasize their insecurities, and the same can go for web meetings. Pick a more flattering angle by raising your laptop or webcam and angling it down. This can be done by utilizing books or a monitor stand. 

Be sure that you can make eye-level contact with your camera. Anything too low or too high can end up hurting your back or neck. 

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