Deciding Between Single and Multiple Security Cameras

If you’re looking into security cameras for your business, you may be debating over whether or not you should get a single camera or commit to a multiple camera bundle. Start by considering your priorities for the security camera to help you figure out the ideal solution.

To get started, here are a few things to consider: 

  • How large is your business?
  • Do you own multiple properties? 
  • What industry do you work in? 
  • Are you looking to deter crime, monitor customers, monitor employees, or a mix of all three?


Deciding Based on Property Size 

If your property is on a larger scale or if you have multiple properties, you may need more security cameras to cover multiple entrances, parking lots, and any problem areas that you would like to keep an eye on. The extra level of security may deter crime and help your employees feel safer when entering or exiting the property at various hours. 

The building size influenced how many cameras will be needed. For instance, smaller-sized properties may only have one or two entrances that require monitoring. 

Types of Business 

Different types of businesses will have specific areas that require more security than others.

Any business that deals with in-house transactions may want to have security cameras monitoring the registers to record every transaction and prevent employee theft. 

Warehouses may want to focus on entrances, exits, and at-risk areas to ensure no employees or burglars commit theft. 

Vacant buildings like schools or offices that have temporarily transitioned to virtual offices may want to surround their buildings to prevent break-ins and vandalism. 

IP Cameras Offer the Best Solution 

Whether your business needs single or multiple cameras, IP cameras make for an easy commitment. Unlike hardwire cameras, IP cameras were made with scalability in mind. This means whether you need to upgrade to more cameras or downgrade your security, setting up will be much easier than with other security cameras.

Users can choose whether or not to upgrade their storage and bandwidth if they have multiple cameras to prevent from limiting video surveillance capabilities and compromising anything that’s utilizing the same network. 

Interested in getting a security camera for your business? Whether you need one camera or a bundle, Utility Telecom’s camera specialists can help you decide what will be best for your facility’s setup. Get started by calling 1.877.965.7800.