Utility Telecom Launches 10 Camera Security Bundle

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many displaced as unemployment in the United States has seen a record-breaking high, businesses are left struggling to navigate through ongoing public regulations and panic over uncertainty. 

In an effort to help protect businesses and their employees from crime and to manage properties while working from home, Utility Telecom has launched an IP security camera bundle. 

This camera bundle features 10 ALIBI 4MP ILLUMINITE 100’ security cameras. Each camera has white light LED technology and a starlight chipset for clear, bright low light and nighttime images.

Simplified Playback 

Recordings can be stored on a micro SD card, supporting up to 128GB. 

In addition to the SD slot, this bundle includes a Network Video Recorder (“NVR”) which allows for storing video footage directly from the network it is on. 

The NVR both powers the cameras and connects the cameras to the Internet for easy access to recordings. This hardware is approximately the size of a large VCR player and is typically installed near the cameras.

The NVR storage ranges from 2TB to 6TB with *customizable options available depending on how many days of playback is needed. 

Free Services 

This camera bundle comes with a free Alibi Witness app for iOS and Google Play Store. Through this app, users are able to view their footage in real-time and access previous recordings within their playback limit. 

In addition to the free app, installation is provided by our security camera experts for locations with existing wiring. For locations without wiring, we are able to offer a free site survey to determine whether or not an installation fee will be needed. 

Additional Benefits

Having a trusted security camera system allows business owners to have peace of mind while away from their properties. In addition to camera quality, simplified playback, and free services, additional benefits include: 

  • Turnkey solutions
  • New NVR
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty 

To learn more about this promotion, visit: https://www.uyt.co/security-camera-bundle/

*Customizations to the bundle may result in a different ending total to accommodate the services needed.