How Will Unified Communications Be Used Post-Pandemic?

Unified Communication services have quickly proved themselves to be a pandemic staple, providing the only solution for staying connected in a time where socially distancing is enforced. With little preparation and a global health crisis, Unified Communications became the solution every company forced into remote work could rely on. 

While Unified Communication services have proved themselves essential during a pandemic, this begs the question: what will become of these services once things return to “normal”? 

Transition to Virtual Workforce

At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, many expected to work from home for a few weeks and return once it was safer to do so. Several months later and still no definite end in sight, many businesses have decided not to renew their leases, switching to a fully virtual workforce. 

The transition from in-person to remote working can save businesses money on many overhead costs such as rent, utilities, and reserved parking in metropolitan cities. 

This dramatic change will cause companies to fully depend on Unified Communication services to keep their teams connected from wherever they’re working from. 

Reduces Need for Traveling 

Post-pandemic traveling will certainly look different with more people weary about their travel mates, social distancing, and unnecessary travel altogether. 

Video conferencing, however, works as an ideal alternative to face-to-face meetings. With video conferencing, meetings still have a bit of a human touch as opposed to faceless audio.

This allows people to get together from the comfort of their homes whether they’re in different cities or countries, saving company time and money that would otherwise be spent on traveling. 

Makes Collaboration Easy 

While working in person definitely comes with its share of perks like being able to walk over to someone for a quick question or being able to physically share information, Unified Communications makes collaboration easy. 

Solutions like MaX UC feature unique collaboration features like: 

    • Digital Whiteboards accessible to everyone in a meeting 
    • Screen Sharing for remote troubleshooting 
    • Screen Recording to look back on key points of a meeting 
    • And more! 

It’s safe to say: Unified Communications is here to stay. To get more information on MaX UC for your team, get connected with us by calling 1.877.377.7177!