Five Tips for Working Remotely

COVID-19 has forced a change in how people work globally. Non-essential businesses have been forced to shut down or reduce their hours, while many office buildings have remained vacant for months as millions have switched from in-office to remote working. 

The truth is: Working from home can be both a relief or just as equally stressful. To help remain productive and reduce stress while working from home, here are five helpful tips to keep in mind. 

  1. Designate a Work Space

While working from home can tempt one to work from their beds or sofas, it’s important to work in an area that allows you to be productive. This can be an office, living room, or desk in a bedroom. Having an area that is set up with all the tools you need to be productive and that limits distractions will help keep you focused. 

  1. Stick to a Schedule

A big part of getting ready for a workday is the morning routine that comes with it: getting ready in the morning, grabbing a coffee, commuting to work. Without that routine, it can be difficult to separate home-life from work-life. 

Set up a schedule you can follow. When to wake up, get ready, check e-mails, take your regular breaks and lunch, and be sure to disconnect when your workday is over. 

  1. Automate Your Calls 

In case you step away from your workstation, having an auto-attendant is a flexible and reliable automated program that can ensure every incoming call will be received and redirected if needed. 

  1.       Get Some Sun and Fresh Air 

As humans, we’re not meant to be cooped up inside forever. While this can be tough during a pandemic, try to spend some time outside. If you can, take a break and step outside for a breath of fresh air.

Isolation can be tough, but a bit of sunlight goes a long way. It’s even proven to reduce stress and relieve anxiety

  1. Stay Connected to Your Team 

Lastly, stay connected to your team. While it can be easy to stay connected only via email, there are plenty of resources that can allow for a more human touch. From phone calls to unified communications options that allow for instant messaging or web chatting, a bit of human connection is certainly essential. 

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