What to Do If Your Phone Number is Marked as Spam

Many Americans are familiar with the frequent frustration that comes with being the target of robocalling and caller ID spoofing. Whether on a mobile phone or landline, many are victim to these irritating calls spam of fraudulent calls. 

In response to complaints all around the country, the FCC took the initiative to allow mobile carriers to block robocalls at no cost to consumers. This allowed mobile carriers to flag spam calls and suspicious digital ID’s (“DID”s) to help protect consumers against robocalling. 

While this initiative is helpful for many mobile consumers, it can leave VoIP users at the risk of being marked as spam. While there is no shortcut for VoIP users to prevent this, there is a solution that can help report numbers that are incorrectly flagged as spam by AT&T wireless. 

Hiya, a website unaffiliated with Utility Telecom, allows users to report their number to AT&T Wireless if it is incorrectly flagged as spam by AT&T. 

To do so, visit the Submit a Request page on the website and select the issue you’d like resolved, like “Change or remove the caller ID information or Spam rating of a number”

Once you select the issue, the website requests your email address, description of the issue, whether or not the number belongs to a business or person, and accepts attachments in case you would like to provide any additional information regarding the phone number.

For mobile users, Hiya is available in the App Store and Google Play store with both premium and free options. For more information in regards to VoIP services, contact Utility Telecom at 1.877.965.7800!