Improve Business Phone System Messaging During the Pandemic

The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted every industry ranging from medical, education, to retail, leaving many consumers with many open-ended questions and concerns. In response, many business call centers and offices have been overwhelmed with new callers. 

As various industries are reporting an increase in their call volume, their callers are witnessing longer hold times. The prolonged hold times can be extremely frustrating for anxious callers, which can lead to a negative caller experience or lost business altogether. 

To improve the caller experience during the pandemic, many industries are turning to an answering service to help manage the influx of phone calls they are receiving while minimizing face-to-face interactions with customers. 

An answering service ensures that all incoming calls are received and handled properly. By utilizing a VoIP phone system, answering services can be completely customized to each industry and individual needs. 

Improve Caller Experience During the Pandemic 

An auto-attendant allows for an improved caller experience and can offer important information to callers while preventing disruption to the regular daytime call flow. 

For businesses who have been impacted by the pandemic, an answering service can be especially helpful in informing customers whether or not their business is open or if there are newly modified hours and health guidance to follow.

Businesses can also use their automated messaging to communicate helpful safety tips like wearing a mask, washing hands, and practicing social distancing. 

Benefits for Physicians 

The CDC has prepared a generalized script for physicians’ offices that allow for callers to make decisions and messages. 

These greetings can help patients navigate their needs by utilizing call routing and some physicians may have an after hour operator available on standby in case of any emergencies that need immediate responses.

Doctors that utilize an answering service have the bonus perk of having a mobile app, allowing doctors to take and receive phone calls on their professional phone numbers while on their own personal devices.

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