How Moving to the Cloud Can Prevent Data Loss

In the past, cloud computing technology was only accessible to large companies that had the financial means to invest in their IT infrastructures. With today’s technological advances, cloud computing technology is readily available to companies of every size, allowing all companies the opportunity to store information off-premises. 

What is Cloud Computing Technology? 

Cloud computing technology is an efficient way to safely store and access data. 

Rather than managing data on-premise, companies can take advantage of storing their data and applications over the Internet at a remote location. 

This allows users to access their files or application at any time and from any location as long as there is a secured online connection. 

Who Benefits from the Cloud? 

Companies that are susceptible to damage should highly consider moving their data and applications to the cloud for protection. 

Risks that companies should be mindful of include natural disasters, fires, power outages, and equipment theft. 

By backing up data and applications on cloud computing technology, important information is safe from being lost or destroyed.

Other Benefits to Consider: 

  1. Improved Collaboration — Dispersed teams benefit from cloud technology by sharing documents and applications with one another simultaneously. 
  2. Cost Efficiency — Instead of hosting all IT needs on-site, a cloud provider scales down the cost of power and minimizes the need for physical space to store equipment. 
  3. Managed IT Services — Many cloud storage providers offer Managed IT Services to coincide with their cloud services. This allows an on-site professional to manage all IT needs from a remote location.

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