Developers at Utility Telecom Create Call Work Flow: STASES

Utility Telecom has launched a new software called “STASES,” created by the company’s own developers. The software allows users to build an on-call schedule based on a controlled calendar. This software is fully customizable to the users’ needs and offers detailed automation of a call-workflow including voicemail notifications, in-depth forwarding, and third-party calendar integration. 

Who does it benefit? 

STASES can benefit any users with an on-call schedule. The software allows the employer to automate their call workflow and employee notifications. This can be especially helpful for: 

  • Doctors
  • Plumbers
  • Lawyers 
  • Home Health Nurses
  • And More! 


Key Features

  • Completely customizable call workflow
  • Users can access STASES on any device or web-based system
  • Automated text can be sent to employees whenever they are on-call 
  • Employees can share an on-call voicemail box
  • Users can pause notifications and restart them with a click of a button 
  • STASES can integrate with 3rd party calendar software (ex. Amion)


Three key features that are not available on MaX UC:

  • The ability to send several voicemail notifications (MaX UC only sends 1 email notification)
  • Automatic remote call-forwarding customization 
  • The capability to send SMS voicemail notifications

Note: STASES is fully integrated with our auto-attendant system. Any changes that are made through the software are automatically reflected on all other interfaces (ex. Commportal, MaX UC).

To learn more about STASES, contact us at 877.377.7177!