Utility Telecom Selects Scholarship Recipient

On Monday, August 3rd, Utility Telecom announced high school graduate Liam Talca as the recipient of the company’s first-ever Engineering Scholarship Fund.

The company’s Scholarship Committee based its selection on multiple factors including personal statements, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. 

Liam’s application stood out to the Scholarship Committee as he shared his ambitious goals of earning a college degree in both Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics which he hopes will allow him to become a Mechanical Engineer. 

His academic records were truly outstanding and he excelled in Mathematics all throughout his academic career, earning top-notch grades in even the most challenging advanced placement (“AP”) math courses. 

Outside of his academics, Liam has been a part of the school’s soccer team for four years; helped launch the school’s golf team; is active in his church community; helps lead the Campus Life club on campus, and has participated in many other school competitions and activities.

Liam received high praise from his teachers at Aspire Benjamin Holt College Preparatory Academy through their letters of recommendation. He is a student who is hungry for knowledge and has demonstrated his natural leadership abilities throughout high school. 

It is with great pleasure that Utility Telecom’s Scholarship Committee has selected Liam Tacla as a deserving recipient of the scholarship.