Advantages of Small Businesses

When it comes to finding a new product or service, people often compare the rates and pricing between corporate companies and small businesses.

The best prices aren’t the only thing to consider when looking into a new company to provide certain products or services. Customers have to research which company best fits their needs and which company will work with them to ensure they’re satisfied.

While smaller businesses can’t always offer the lowest prices, they can offer top-tier customer service. This is an important aspect for customers to consider, especially when working with products or services that customers frequently have questions or concerns about.

Here are a few advantages that customers can expect when working with a small businesses customer service team as opposed to a large corporation.

Personalized Interactions

Large corporations often offer impersonal interactions for their customer experience. From automated phone calls with dial-menus and automated instant-messages, it can be hard to reach a real person to speak to. These are day-to-day occurrences for large corporations, often leaving customers feeling frustrated.

Smaller businesses understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Rather than sending automated responses, smaller businesses strive to have customer service teams that are committed to helping customers troubleshoot issues and find solutions. With a smaller-scaled team and customer base, these reps focus on building lasting professional relationships.

Speaking to Real, Local People

In addition to automated responses, nothing is more frustrating for customers than to finally reach a helpful representative, only to get disconnected from a call or chat and have no way to reach that same representative. When this happens, customers are left with either explaining their situation from the beginning or end up getting so frustrated they give up altogether.

With small businesses, customers can depend on a real live customer service team. These professionals can dedicate more time to listening and helping customers. And with a local team of representatives, customers never have to worry about being unable to reach their rep if a call disconnects.

Focus on Customer Relationships 

While larger corporations can get caught up in dealing with thousands of customers at a time or trying to meet large quotas, their customer needs can often slip through the cracks.

Smaller businesses put a larger focus on building and maintaining their customer relationships. These businesses value their loyal customers to thrive, even more than gaining new customers. When it comes to both the services provided and customers they hope to attract, smaller businesses rely on the quality, not quantity.