Why a One-Size-Fits-All Security System Won’t Work

Finding the right security solution for your business can be daunting. To help combat this, many security camera companies offer solutions that are a “one-size-fits-all.”

The one-size-fits-all model is a simple solution that provides business owners with the opportunity to make a single investment that will work for any industry. Users get the system quickly and are promised protection against crime and hazards.

While that sounds easy enough, the truth is that these solutions can’t truly mold to every business. To show you why: here are the three main reasons that one-size solutions aren’t the right model for all businesses.

Business Sizes

How can a solution fit every business of every business is a different size?

A smaller business with a few dozen employees won’t need as many cameras as a business with hundreds of employees. Depending on your business size, you may want greater access to controls systems and different IT needs to consider.

Risk Factors 

Every business faces different risks based on all types of factors. Consider the following contributing factors:

  • Industry type
  • Business location
  • Assets to protect
  • Access to assets
  • Building regulations

A standard one-size-fits-all security solution cannot ensure that all of the risk factors of your business are properly covered. A thorough assessment is necessary to determine how to best protect specific needs.

Budget Sizes

Lastly, all businesses have varying budgets to apply to their security. A small business won’t have the same budget as a large corporation. Security solutions must be designed according to the designated budget. 

Businesses must consider where to apply their budgets and determine which areas are the most important for them. To best utilize limited budgets, businesses need to ensure that their security solution focuses on features that are needed to avoid spending on unused features. 

Simply put, business owners should only need to pay for what they need to use in their system.

To Sum It Up: 

Each business is different and needs different solutions to fit their needs. To learn more about finding a custom solution that fits your needs, contact Utility Telecom at 1-877-377-7177.