Why Hoteliers Should Invest in Security Cameras

When travelers check into a hotel, they anticipate a home away from home experience with a comfortable environment and a range of amenities. The most important amenity to consider for your guests is security so guests can enjoy their stay without the worry of crime or dangerous conditions.

How Security Cameras Protects Your Guests

Surveillance systems allow security admins to monitor hotel traffic to view the people coming and going daily. By monitoring traffic, security can determine who is a guest and who is an intruder. Having cameras in plain-sight also deters against criminal activity whether from your guests or an intruder.

Where Should I Place Cameras?

Many locations throughout your property can benefit from security cameras. Key areas to consider include:

  • Parking lots and outdoor areas to prevent burglary or vandalism
  • By entrances and exits to monitor those who enter and exit the building
  • In the lobby and the front desk
  • In the hallways, stairways, and elevators
  • Around amenities like the pool, gym, or bar

Professional technicians can help identify all the areas of vulnerability at your establishment for custom needs.

How Investing in Security Saves Money

Investing in security cameras for your property can help save money in multiple ways:

  • By providing a safe experience for guests, hoteliers can build and maintain business
  • Provide evidence of burglary or stolen items for liability purposes
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts on premiums when security cameras are installed

Security cameras are often able to pay for themselves in cost savings. If you’d like to make the wise investment of security cameras for your property, our technicians can perform a detailed walkthrough to determine what options would work best with your budget. To get in contact with our team, give us a call at 877.377.7177.