Get Accession Meeting Free for 60-Days During the Stay in Place Order

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global uncertainty for businesses. With prolonged lockdowns and an unclear schedule ahead, many businesses have had to abandon operations or try navigating a remote team without the proper resources.

As an effort to support the business community during the Stay in Place Order, Utility Telecom is offering our Hosted VoIP customers a 60-day free trial of Accession Meeting (soon to be renamed to “MaX Meeting”)

With Accession Meeting, users can instantly become a remote worker while easily staying connected to the team and clientele from the comfort of their own homes. 

Getting started is simple. 

A representative from Utility Telecom will reach out to Hosted VoIP customers to set up the free trial or you can contact our team to get started on your trial right away. 

Once the free trial is set up, users will need to download the Accession Communicator app on either your desktop or mobile device. 

Users will log in using their existing Hosted VoIP telephone number under the “Utility Telephone” network. 

Accession Meeting allows users access to host video meetings with instant messaging, screen sharing, file sharing, and more team collaboration tools via desktop and laptop. 

This free trial will include 10 seats for Accession Meeting. Only the phone number registered will be able to host meetings for both Accession users and non-users. 

After the 60-day trial, Utility Telecom will contact users with a courtesy call to see if users would like to continue the service. 

Ready to get started with a free trial? Contact Utility Telecom at 877.377.7177!