Why Remote Monitoring is the Best Security Option During the Pandemic

If your business has been impacted by COVID-19, you may need to consider a security option that doesn’t require you to check on your equipment in person. 

Today’s technology has allowed for security cameras to come a long way over the years. Newer models can be completely wireless and have beneficial features like HD quality, changes in visibility settings, and the ability to swivel around via remote control. Thanks to cloud technology, new cameras can also utilize IP signals allowing them to be compatible with a basic wireless network. 

Remote monitoring is the best security option for businesses during the Stay At Home Order. It allows users to access their camera feeds using a secure app on your smartphone from wherever you are. Whether you’re working from home or practicing social distancing, you can keep an eye on your property to ensure that everything is safe and secure. 

While this is a beneficial security tool that is exceptionally useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are a couple of additional benefits that can be helpful for your business:

Employee Monitoring

Once employees return to work, it may be difficult to break out of some working-from-home habits that may not translate to your workplace. By monitoring employees, employers can identify problem workers and have a better idea of how to handle any issues that may be found. 

Instant Alerts

With a remote monitoring app, you can integrate your cameras with your security alarm system to receive alerts when your alarms go off. This way, you’re able to know what’s happening via your live video feed as soon as you receive an alert. If you are concerned about potential burglaries or solicitation, you can also get motion-detecting cameras which only start recording when they sense something moving in front of them.

With remote monitoring, you will have an added layer of convenience and access to your surveillance system. Business owners and other administrators will be able to view security feeds from any location. Management will have peace of mind with remote cameras both while practicing social distancing and after the fact. 

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