Utility Telecom’s Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 is dramatically impacting all of our lives, both personally and professionally. 

To comply with the recommendation of social distancing and for some cities, a mandatory lockdown, many establishments are repositioning their employees to work remotely. 

As a solution during this uncertain timeline, I would like to share an update on what Utility Telecom is doing to help keep our customers and others safe.

Utility Telecom is continuing service as usual and making quick accommodations to business owners that will need to put a pause on their operations as well as to those that are switching to remote operations.

To help your business thrive during a time of social distancing, Utility Telecom offers Accession Meeting as a built-in feature to our core services. This unified communication solution offers full integration and collaborative tools so your business can continue to have private, all-hands meetings with desktop sharing, remote control, video recordings for later, and more.

Our current VoIP phone clientele can take advantage of our CommPortal to access their business phone numbers, messages, faxes, and call forwarding with step-by-step directions accessible here: uyt.co/customer-care/

Those with our VoIP services that use a smartphone can even download Accession Communicator for their phones to continue making and receiving work-related calls while working remotely. 

For teams that need access to their office work stations while working from home, Utility Telecom will happily work with you to serve as your technology partner. With our all-in-one Managed IT Services, we offer 24/7 monitoring, software deployment, and more features that can help your business continue operations despite being away from your office desk.

As this situation continues developing, we will post more tips on how to efficiently continue operations while working remotely our blog at www.uyt.co/blog.

Our team is working hard to continue to serve our clientele during this time while keeping our employees and communities safe. Be careful out there.


Thank you,

Jason Mills
President and CEO of Utility Telecom