How to Prepare for Social Distancing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are quickly changing their regular work structure for one that can protect employees and better prevent illnesses. The pandemic has reached a scenario that many are unprepared for. From schools being closed, public events being canceled, to even bans on large crowds, many organizations that handle large crowds are being forced to reevaluate. 

Fortunately for those organizations, many can continue operations with the help of a unified communication solution. Here are important features to consider when finding a solution that will best fit your business needs:

  • Mobile Integration. When your employees are working remotely, they won’t have access to their regular day-to-day equipment, including their business phones. By utilizing a solution that offers mobile integration, employees can download an app that can be used in place of their normal work phones. This will allow for both connection to customers and will be much more affordable than purchasing separate work cell phones for employees. 
  • Collaboration Tools. To keep your team connected despite working from different locations, collaborative tools will be more necessary than ever. These tools allow your team to work together by sharing screens, documents, or applications for ultimate productivity from any location.
  • Instant Messaging. Working from home takes away the convenience of walking across the hall to chat with coworkers. With Instant Messaging, it’s quick and easy to communicate with your colleagues. 
  • Video Conferencing. To protect your team’s health when important meetings are a necessity, do it from the comfort of home with the help of video conferencing. When work cultures shift, having familiar faces during web conferences helps prevent the feeling of isolation.  

To offer a solution that has all these capabilities and more, Utility Telecom offers Accession Communicator for all of their VoIP customers. With Accession Communicator, users can take advantage of the listed features and more. To learn more about this Utility Telecom’s unified communication solution, visit or contact us at 1.877.377.7177 to speak with a representative.