Is Your Business Ready For Kari’s Law?

What is Kari’s Law? 

Kari’s Law requires direct dialing of “911” to be enabled in enterprise environments and directs the FCC to develop 911 calling regulations for multi-line telephone systems (MLTS) which are the typical communication services used in buildings like hotels, hospitals, and most office campuses. This law will go into effect beginning February 16th, 2020.  

How Can My Organization Follow Compliance? 

Kari’s Law requires your multi-line telephone system to provide:

  • Ability to dial 9-1-1 with no prefixes
  • Direct routing to 9-1-1
  • On-site notification of 9-1-1 calls being made with an accurate dispatch location (for example, the exact room in a hotel from which the call is coming from)

Consequences of Non-Compliance 

  • Endangering employees, customers, visitors, and others
  • Fines and additional penalties for each day the business remains non-compliant 
  • Potential civil liabilities if an emergency occurs

How Utility Telecom Can Help Your Organization Become Compliant 

We’ll help with the phone system for dialing “panic 911,” meaning no requirement to dial “9” before. Even more exciting is the ability to notify on-site management with any combination of email, text, or phone calls to tell them that a 911 call has been made to help provide specific location information.

This feature was developed as a key element for our Hosted Hospitality program for hotels and motels to ensure the front desk could guide first-responders to the exact location where the call was made from the moment they enter the lobby.

Depending on your existing equipment, this feature may be included at no additional charge. In other cases, it is an extra-charge feature due to additional phone numbers. 

Utility Telecom was at the forefront of making sure our subscribers were ready to comply with this key legislation when it passed more than two years ago.

We have an enormous responsibility incumbent upon all of us to ensure the safety and welfare of the general public when welcomed onto our properties and using our facilities. 

To ensure your organization is compliant with Kari’s Law, contact us at 1.877.377.7177. Our experts can identify your needs and provide the steps needed for your organization to meet compliance.