Utility Telecom’s 2020 Sales Kickoff

Utility Telecom’s 2020 Sales Kickoff was held on Wednesday, January 22nd, as a day dedicated to continuing education throughout the team with product training and customers in mind.

With a customer base that is spread throughout California and Nevada, the company had account executives arrive in Stockton, CA from as far as Reno, NV, and Los Angeles, CA.

The company’s account executives and marketing teams attended the kickoff, focusing on reviewing Hosted VoIP, IT/MSP support, security cameras, fiber availability, and FCC updates. 

By reviewing these core services and industry news, Utility Telecom’s team can stay up-to-date on the trends and new technologies that can benefit customers of all industries.

To wrap up the 2020 Sales Kickoff, President and CEO, Jason Mills, recognized the employees that have contributed outstanding work throughout the 2019 fiscal year.

Account Executive, Chris Whiteley, was recognized with a President’s Award for his consistent hard work and for producing at the highest levels. Account Executive, Alan Stromme, was also recognized for his vigorous efforts throughout the year.

Utility Telecom is excited to welcome in the new decade knowing there are exciting things to come.