How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is often referred to as “internet telephony,” “IP telephony,” or “broadband phone.”

It’s one of the most rapidly growing voice-communications solutions and is becoming prominent amongst businesses and organizations alike. Despite its popularity, many people do not understand how VoIP works.

Unlike a traditional landline, VoIP refers to phone calls that are made using the internet. This means VoIP systems can function similarly to other data that you send using the Internet, like when you send an email or instant message.

With VoIP, audio is converted into data and sent over an IP network, allowing you to make calls using your internet connection. This means instead of using a separate phone and Internet company, VoIP makes it possible to combine your voice and Internet needs into one service.

Upgrading to a VoIP system can help users reduce the number of providers needed and makes it simple for organizations to scale up/down and add new features that fit their needs.

With an IP network, your data is automatically stored in a cloud with settings that are accessible through an online dashboard. For Utility Telecom, VoIP users can utilize the CommPortal to access data, change settings, and add new phone numbers from any location with an Internet connection.

Since VoIP works across any location with an Internet connection, it used on the following devices:

  • Phone and VoIP adapter: you can use a regular landline phone to use a VoIP system as long as you have an adapter that plugs into either a phone socket or your router.
  • Computers: you can use programs that allow you to make voice calls to anyone that has the same programs, similar to Skype or Facebook Messenger, or you can use an app like CommPortal depending on your provider.
  • Smartphone: you can use certain apps to make calls using your smartphone. For Utility Telecom users, Accession Communicator for mobile allows users to make and receive calls from their cell phones using Internet data.  

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