Accession Communicator: Keeping Utility Telecom Unified

Accession Communicator is an app designed to help your team stay unified for effortless collaboration beyond the office. From desktop, laptop, tablet to smartphone: the application can be used on any device for optimal communication.

For Utility Telecom, Accession Communicator is much more than an application offered to customers; it’s one that our team depends on a day-to-day basis. With five locations spread throughout California and Nevada, our team is rarely under the same roof. Here’s how Accession Communicator allows our team to stay connected, no matter where they are:

Employees who normally work from an office have Accession Communicator installed on their workstations and laptops. Whether they’re located in our corporate headquarters in Stockton, CA, or Los Angeles, CA, this desktop application makes it easy to instant message quick questions to teammates from down the hall or across the state.  

Sales Teams are always on-the-go to meet with prospective clients in different cities. Our account executives are often away from the office, but Accession Communicator helps ensure they never miss an important call. With the app’s in-app dialer, our account executives can carry their office phone numbers on their mobile phones.

Technicians are also frequently in and out of the office. From installing new equipment to troubleshooting, they are often on the move. With the in-app dialer, they’re able to stay connected for any new calls and with the instant messaging feature on the app, they are still accessible to the team even when they are out of the office.   

Remote Workers depend on Accession Communicator to communicate efficiently with their teammates. We have several employees that work remote, and Accession Communicator allows them to feel connected to the main office from wherever they are. With the Accession Meeting add-on, live video-chatting with interactive features closes the distance between employees.

Accession Communicator has become such a staple to Utility Telecom’s team and infrastructure. If you’re ready to see how this application can evolve your team, check out the demo video below.