National Customer Service Week

Here at Utility Telecom, we are proud to celebrate Customer Service Week 2019. Our customer service is the backbone of our business, and we appreciate every member of the team that helps make Utility Telecom great!

To show our appreciation to our team, we’d like to acknowledge a few members who have gone above and beyond when working with customers.

Patricia Crawford Assistant Controller

Patricia has been recognized by Utility Telecom’s Controller, Erika Russell, as a member of the team who has shown superior performance.

“I would like to recognize Patricia.  I overhear her on a lot of her customer phone calls, some are very simple questions but some calls are very tense because Patricia is dealing with services being disconnected or potentially disconnected.  She has such a great phone manner, she is 100% professional and she always does whatever she can do to help the customer if she can’t help them, she finds someone who can. She never just leaves any customer hanging.”

Cody FowlerCustomer Service NOC

Cody has been recognized by one of our customers, Ricardo Aceves, who greatly appreciated the attentiveness that Cody took when helping with their issues.

“Every time we have had a long-standing issue with AT&T circuits, or complex issues that affected service for extended periods of time, Cody Fowler has taken care of us to figure it out, and it has helped us tremendously.

I really appreciate his professionalism, his dedication to the care of the customer, and his ability to deliver results.

I just wanted to share that we really appreciate this level of commitment to excellent service. It helps the community we serve, and we value that above all else.”

Luis Martinez, John Miller, and Matt Viramontes — Customer Service

This trio has been recognized by our customer, Bonnie Whittaker, who sent in an email to give compliments on their customer service.

“I needed to get phone records for a certain date.  We had to get a subpoena to acquire the records. The resulting report was totally confusing and very difficult to figure out.  I called customer service and spoke with Luis. He spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me trying to make sense of the report.  Finally, he said he would get help and the result was a report that actually could be read and understood.  

A special thanks to all of the above for your GREAT customer service.”

To learn more about National Customer Service week visit the International Customer Service Association online here,