Utility Telecom Completes Fiber Network Construction

Over the last three years, Utility Telecom has been actively working on building an advanced fiber-optic network to serve businesses throughout the community of Stockton, California.

This video highlights Utility Telecom’s key steps needed to successfully build and install these new technologies in the historic city.

The key components of building the fiber network are highlighted in the video below:

  • Planning
  • Conduit Installation
  • Fiber Placement
  • Splicing

Setting up new technologies in an old city came with its share of setbacks; to set up the best route, the engineers at Utility Telecom spent two years planning and managing city permits before ever breaking ground on the fiber-optic network.

The physical construction of the fiber network took plenty of man-power, requiring Utility Telecom to contract a team of about 50 local Stockton employees. Even with such a large team, the construction took a full year to complete.

Utility Telecom utilized both existing poles and underground conduits to reduce their impact on the community and environment, while also adding extra capacity to prepare the equipment for any new technologies in the future.

After installing the conduits, construction focused on placing the fiber; a process of manually stuffing electrical cables into the ground.

The final step for setting up the fiber optic network required Utility Telecom’s engineers to splice and spike together the optical fibers.

Through setting up this new fiber network, Utility Telecom is able to provide high-speed, reliable, and cost-efficient Internet to all locations that follow along the route of the project. We are honored to be a part of the advancement of new technology for the community of Stockton.