Why Web Conferencing is the Future: Accession Meeting

With more employers hiring talent outside of their general region, it’s becoming more common for workplaces to have dispersed teams. This can make it extremely difficult to have meetings with employees or customers that may be located in different cities, states, or even countries.

While phones and email can help companies communicate with their team and customers, neither allow for a hands-on or face-to-face experience. With Accession Communicator, teams will experience a full set of features through the unified communications tool that sets them apart from the rest.

Accession Meeting Compared to Email

Email is perfect for quick communication, sending files, and sending out notifications. There is no doubt that emailing will remain a permanent resource for day-to-day operations.

What sets Accession Meeting apart from email is the capability for live communication. Much like talking on the phone, this collaborative application allows users to simply speak to one another in real-time using their computer or phone’s speaker and microphone. Teammates can utilize the application for one-on-one web conferencing or host a conference with multiple users.

Accession Meeting Compared to Phones

Similarly to email, there’s no doubt that the office phone isn’t going anywhere. With the transition from traditional landlines to VoIP phones, business phones aren’t leaving the common workplace any time soon.

Accession Meeting offers what most desk phones do not: face-to-face interaction. Through the application, users can experience calls that are more interactive than audio alone. Along with screen-sharing capabilities, third-party integration and more, Accession Meeting allows users to get all the benefits of working in the same building from wherever the team is dispersed.

Benefits to Your Team

Accession Meeting allows for a more engaging conversation throughout a company for all needs:

  • Facilitate meetings or training via Accession Meeting for more engagement
  • Manage software updates and issues with IT teams using remote-desktop control
  • Share screens with your team for presentations wherever you are
  • Attend meetings from your workstation or on-the-go with your mobile