What is Hosted Hospitality?

Utility Telecom’s Hosted Hospitality is a next-generation, cloud-based telephone system that has been specifically designed for hospitality applications by specialists who have worked in hospitality telecom for over 30 years.

By seamlessly integrating with your property management system, Utility Telecom’s Hosted Hospitality can streamline daily operations across your property for optimal efficiency and personalized guest services.

Key Features Include: 

  • Property Management System (PMS) integration, providing
    unified communications throughout your front desk, guest rooms, and offices.
  • Automatic check-in and out through existing PMS
  • Rooms receive a custom extension and voicemail option
  • Wake-up call service can be activated for specific rooms
  • Billing system integration makes for simplified billing
  • Maid service room check-in, using * codes to alert the PMS.

How does it work?

The phones used for administration and at the front desks are configured as standard hosted VoIP lines. Phones throughout the property are then integrated into the system with extensions that match the room numbers.

This process is done at a low cost and is completely customizable, allowing properties to upgrade their aging telephone system to a unified cloud-based VoIP solution without spending extra money on new and expensive hardware.

Great Benefits:

  • Allows you to keep your existing infrastructure
  • Full property management system integration
  • Easy setup and customizable cloud-based solution
  • Removes the need for capital expenditure funding
  • Replaces old aging phone system with next level technology

Utility Telecom’s Hosted Hospitality provides new phone services to hotel rooms by removing the old phone system and sliding Hosted Hospitality into its place, while simultaneously supporting the existing phone infrastructure. This allows for an easy, low cost, no cap-ex upgrade to an old or broken phone system.

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