Utility Telecom’s SD-WAN Service Tiers

Utility Telecom’s SD-WAN services are broken down into four main tiers, as demonstrated in the image below.

These tiers are listed as Good (Advanced Routing), Better (Standard SD-WAN), Best (Advanced SD-WAN), and Very Best (Advanced Secure). Each tier offers multiple features that will serve your company in all areas with each tier grade up absorbing features from the tier below it.

This means while the Good tier offers Advanced Routing, the Better tier offers Standard SD-WAN in addition to Advanced Routing. The Best tier offering both features as well as Standard Advanced features. Lastly, the Really Best tier offers all of the features from each tier as well as the most security with antivirus, next-gen firewalls, and unified threat management. Continue reading below for a full break down of the features.

Good Tier features

This tier, also known as “Advanced Routing,” offers all of the following features:

  • VLAN & VXLAN tagging
  • Aggregated Ethernet
  • Full Routing features
  • Full Quality of Service (QoS) features
  • Full IP Address Management
  • Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Additional Provisioning features
  • Virtual, Physical and Cloud deployment options
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to create Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Route-based traffic steering
  • Seamless integration with WAN optimization devices

Better Tier features

The Better tier, also known as “Standard SD-WAN,” offers all of the features included in the Good tier, plus the additional features:

  • Full Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) features
  • Full Disk Operating System (DOS) features
  • Full site-to-site IPSec VPN Tunnels
  • Full SD-WAN Deployment Options
  • Carrier-grade SD-WAN
  • Full Dynamic IPSec VPN Tunnel Overlays
  • BPG based SD-WAN gateway
  • IPSec based SD-WAN gateway

Best Tier features

The Best tier, also known as “Advanced SD-WAN,” offers all of the features included in the Good and Better tiers, plus the additional features:

  • Full Application Visibility features
  • Full L4 Load Balancer features
  • DNS Proxy & Security features
  • Full Traffic Steering features
  • Full Application Traffic Management
  • Full Universal SD-WAN Migration Gateway

Very Best Tier features

The Very Best Tier, also known as “Advanced Secure SD-WAN,” offers all of the features included in the Good, Better, and Best tiers, plus the additional features:

  • Next Generation (L7) Firewall
  • User & Group Level Access Control
  • URL/Content Filtering & Captive Portal
  • IP Reputation-based Filtering
  • Antivirus
  • ID/IPS
  • File Filtering & DLP
  • AI-based Malware
  • SSL & TLS Proxy
  • and more!

To request more information about Utility Telecom’s SD-WAN services, contact a representative here.