Utility Telecom sponsors the Manteca City Tournament

Over the weekend, Utility Telecom joined The Manteca City Tournament as a community sponsor for the second year in a row.

This tournament is designed for the bowlers of Manteca and covers four squads on both Saturday and Sunday. There were over 160 individuals participating in team competitions and over 145 individuals participating in doubles and singles competition.

Every sponsored team received four shirts with the sponsor name printed on the back—both the shirts and the sponsor lettering are designed in a variety of colors, making for a very colorful event.

The bowlers are not the only ones that benefit from the generosity of our sponsors—two non-profit organizations in town receive 10% of every sponsorship received. This year, the Manteca City Tournament donated over $500 to the Manteca Youth Bowling Organization and Valley CAPS, an organization that teaches community-based independent life skills, behavioral support, and job skills.

In addition to bowling, the tournament offered brackets for bowlers that wished to compete in a format similar to the NCAA basketball bracket tournament. A variety of items were raffled off at the event, including handmade shoe covers, bowling ball buffing cloths, bean bag ball stands, and “Dammit” pins. Event coordinators handed out prize packages ranging from $40 to $100 for a total of $1,000.

Altogether, the tournament was a huge success with more participants, sponsors, and a larger prize fund at the end of the day.