Utility Telecom Offers Hotel Phone Repairs

During peak travel times, hoteliers want to ensure their properties are top-notch to prepare for all the incoming guests. From staying compliant with current hotel regulations to ensuring great service that’s only a short phone call away, hoteliers must ensure their equipment can withstand each peak travel season.

The thought of replacing an entire property’s telephone system may be daunting to property owners. To help your property stay up-to-date while allowing your property to save money, Utility Telecom is ready to repair any of your aging phone system issues.

With over 30 years of experience in hospitality telecom, Utility Telecom’s technicians are familiar with popular hospitality phone brands like Mitel, Avaya, and Nortel Motel systems. Our turnaround time for repairs is the best in the industry and we have an extensive inventory of repair parts. Our team can help with the following phone system issues:

  • Broken Consoles
  • Issues with Voicemails
  • Room Wiring Issues
  • WiFi Internet Access
  • And more!

Contact one of our representatives today to schedule your first consultation with one of our service technicians at 877.377.7177!

If you’d like to upgrade your property’s phone systems to VoIP, Utility Telecom’s Hosted Hospitality Telecom Solution can help your property convert to a cloud-based system while keeping your same equipment. Inquire about your free consultation using the link above.