Utility Telecom is Now a Managed Service Provider

Every company that manages sensitive information needs to have a reliable network along with software and hardware that can keep data secure. With potential threats to your network and equipment to manage, it can be easy for issues to slip through the cracks.

Introducing Utility Telecom’s Managed IT Service Provider

Utility Telecom is now a Managed Service Provider, offering Managed IT services to businesses. With Utility Telecom’s Managed IT Services, a team of IT professionals will regularly monitor your equipment can help ensure the longevity of your technology. With around-the-clock support, you are ensured that every potential threat or issue will get resolved right away.

Utility Telecom’s Managed IT Services ensures a team of IT experts monitoring your network remotely on a cloud-based system with accessibility to on-site IT management when requested.

Benefits to Companies With and Without IT Departments

Companies without an IT department may rely on the break-fix method before taking care of their equipment. This method means waiting for equipment to break before doing anything to fix it. However, this method can be ineffective as it can lead to data loss, lost work time, and costly repairs.

Even companies with an existing IT department can benefit from partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider. With an extra team monitoring your company’s network, your existing IT department can focus on high priority projects that can increase your company’s drive growth and revenue.

Key Features Include:

  • Monitoring Workstation and Servers
  • Monitor Network Devices
  • Monitor Network Traffic
  • Run Tasks On-Demand
  • Perform Software Inventory
  • Instant Connection for Helpdesk needs
  • Help Request Form on Workstations
  • And more!

With Utility Telecom’s Managed IT Services, your company will have a team of IT professionals working as your technology partners.

For more information about Utility Telecom’s Managed IT Service Provider, contact us at 877.377.7177! With certified specialists, a powerful network, and an on-site data center to provide your equipment secured storage, Utility Telecom has the right team and tools to be your technology partner.