Utility Telecom is Excited to Announce the Update of the CommPortal!

Utility Telecom’s CommPortal—a web portal used to configure the features on your phone system—is updating from version 9.2 to 9.4. With this update, the “CommPortal 2” will be sporting a sleek new redesigned look and feel while maintaining all the same, essential functionality.

This update includes new features that allows businesses to have more control over incoming calls. Individual users will be able to easily manage calls, export records, and even start meetings all from their desktop.

Business administrators will be able to log in using the “CommPortal 2 Admin” page listed under the Utility Telecom’s “Support” tab. This page can only be accessed by administrators who will be able to change and edit user settings.

For a detailed guide on how to use the updated CommPortal, please follow the slides below. If you have any additional questions about the updated CommPortal, please call our customer care team at 877.965.7800.


Utility Telecom CommPortal 9.4 Update