Understanding the Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Business

A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system can help your business reduce costs and deliver state-of-the-art communication options to your team and customers. More than just a system to make and receive calls, VoIP phone systems run on affordable cloud technology and offer advanced features at a fraction of the cost of legacy phone systems.


VoIP systems rely on the same internet connection that your company or organization uses to get online to make and receive calls.

Every desk gets a physical phone with a specific ID and programmable displays, and all voice calls are carried over your office computer network back to a central location that connects them to the internet. VoIP phones convert your voice into digital signals, transmitting your voice through the web to a server known as a PBX. The cloud server interfaces with the traditional phone network to get your calls to anyone, regardless of what system they’re using.

To make the move to VoIP, our team will review your existing network and in many cases replace older network infrastructure with a well-designed modern network.

Features and Benefits

A cloud-hosted server handles inbound and outbound dialing, voicemail, intercom, custom ring groups, call transfer, and more. Many VoIP systems can handle online faxing or SMS text messaging, and offer you the flexibility to work on the go—connect your cellphone with your office phone to make and receive calls from anywhere, or take a call on your laptop. Does your team include remote workers? VoIP offers those employees access to the business phone system from their cell phones, or you can put a physical phone on their desk in a home office. The cloud-based server allows those phones to connect just as if they were in your office.

More cost-effective than traditional landline phone service, there’s no need to invest in expensive hardware or worry about on-site upgrades and maintenance. Utility Telecom houses, maintains, and upgrades PBX technology in the cloud, and the digital capabilities mean that our support staff can usually update your system remotely.

VoIP systems also scale with your business and support expansion. With an affordable per-seat pricing model, lines can be added as you grow, expanding your phone capacity to meet your changing business needs. If your company adds a new location, VoIP systems make it easy to add lines for the new location as extensions to your current system.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of a VoIP business phone system for your company? That’s where we come in—contact us for a no-obligation consultation today.