Top 5 Benefits of a Hosted Hospitality Solution for Hotels

In the hospitality industry, hotel owners can be wary of changes that must be uniform throughout the entire establishment. The fear of expensive new hardware and installations in every single room while trying to keep up with competitors can be a daunting thing to worry about.

To better cater to this industry, Utility Telecom offers a cloud-based telephone system that’s specifically designed for hospitality applications. This telecom solution has been designed by specialists who have worked in the telecom industry for over 30 years.

See what Utility Telecom’s Hosted Hospitality Solution can do for you with the top five benefits:

1. Integrates with Your Property Management System (PMS)

Utility Telecom’s Hosted Hospitality seamlessly integrates with your property’s management system (PMS) to help streamline daily operations for optimal efficiency and personalized guest services. This provides unified communications throughout your establishment’s front desks, guest rooms, and offices.

2. Flexible Technology

The process is completely customizable and allows properties to upgrade their aging telephone system to a unified cloud-based VoIP solution without the expensive hardware. This solution supports any affordable guest room phones, ranging from Mitel, Avaya, and Nortel Motel systems so you can continue to use your current phones and inventory of spares. And when you’re ready to upgrade your establishment’s equipment, Utility Telecom offers a path forward to newer phone models in case of a future room-by-room remodel.

3. Zero Upfront Cost

Utility Telecom fits into your current expenses with little to no upfront costs by utilizing your property’s current hardware. To do so, Utility Telecom configures the phones that are used for administration purposes at the front desk as standard hosted VoIP lines. The additional phones used throughout the property are then integrated into the system with extensions that match the room numbers.

4. 24/7 Support

With Utility Telecom, your property benefits from full support with included system maintenance and software upgrades, regularly updating your infrastructure to give you cloud-based features without capital expenses. Best of all, Utility Telecom offers support through a 24/7 call center that is locally based in Stockton, CA and always available.

5. Advanced Hosted Features

Exclusive features include wake-up calls, message waiting, call-rating, and billing system integration. Our enhanced 911 dialing automatically sends the guest room number and location to a public safety dispatch center. Automatic alerts are sent via text message, email, and phone calls.

If your property is located in California or Northern Nevada and you’re ready to enhance your telecom systems, contact Utility Telecom at 877.377.7177.