Investment In Your Network Security

Low Price Doesn’t Equal Quality Security

Learn how quality equipment can save your business thousands in security.

The U.S House of Representatives have just passed a bill that blocks the U.S from buying Chinese surveillance equipment. This includes the ban of Dahua and Hikvision equipment, which are owned and controlled by the Chinese government. Using this equipment is a huge risk on your SMB’s network, and increases the chance of global hacking attacks.

Why Utility Telecom’s Network is Safer?

Utility Telecom does not use, sell, or recommend ZTE, Hikvision, or Dahua. All of these products run a high risk for professional hackers to implant malware, spyware, and other damaging software to access your information. A backdoor in video equipment leads directly to your LAN where your financial records and emails live.

How Does This Affect You?

If you are a customer with Utility Telecom we’ve got you covered. Utility Telecom has spent over 20 years building networks with the highest security requirements and we know how to keep your data safe. We do not use or sell any Chinese products to ensure optimum cybersecurity for our customers. With modern day technology, we are under attack 24/7/365 over the internet, which is why our team is equipped with professionals to prevent your SMB from cyber attacks.