5 Benefits of Accession Meeting

Web-hosted meetings and conferencing have become an increasingly popular method of hosting meetings with clients and teams, and with good reason! Utilizing web-conferencing can help cut down on time and expenses that would otherwise be spent on traveling for meetings.

Accession Meeting offers a feature-rich application that can offer much more beyond saving time and money. To highlight some of Accession Meeting’s key features, here are five benefits of using Accession Meeting:

1. Unify Your Team

Keep your entire team on the same page by hosting company-wide conferences and webinars with up to 200 participants. This way, you can communicate important ideas, regulations, or updates to your entire team in real time.

2. Host Meetings 

Skip the traveling and choose to schedule meetings with your clients via Accession Meeting. Meeting hosts can schedule web-meetings via email to be added to an invitees Outlook calendar. Best of all, invites can include users who do not have the Accession Meeting application; the link sent via email is able to open a web meeting from their desktop!

3. Take Meetings On-The-Go 

If you have the Accession Communicator app on your mobile device, Accession Meeting will automatically integrate into the app once you add it on to your class of service. Through the mobile phone, you will be able to utilize your phone’s front-camera and join in on meetings.

4. Increase Engagement 

With expansive features, there are many ways you can keep your audience engaged:

  • Share your screen during meetings to add visuals
  • Demonstrate how to use applications in real time
  • Utilize the blackboard feature to add live annotations

5. Remote Control

Hosts and meeting attendants alike can permit remote control or request remote control while in a meeting. This is a perfect solution for helpdesk needs or an extremely “hands-on” tutorial.

Check out an overview guide of Accession Meeting here and for more information, contact us at 877.377.7177!