2018 Sales Kickoff!

Utility Telecom’s 2018 Sales Kickoff was a day dedicated to continuing education throughout the team with product training and customers in mind. Members of the team traveled from Redding, San Luis Obispo and Reno to the company’s corporate office located in Stockton, California.

With the constant evolution of technology, it’s vital for the company to stay up-to-date on the trends and new technologies that can benefit customers.

Employees gathered together in the conference room and were greeted by Bryan Grimm of MetaSwitch. Bryan was able to present a new product to employees that will soon be deployed within the company and launched as a new product for Utility Telecom shortly after.

In addition to the new product, employees were able to dedicate time to reviewing key features of Utility Telecom’s SD-WAN. One of the highlighted features of the SD-WAN is the integrated security functions that can benefit every type of business with private data.

To wrap up the 2018 Sales Kickoff, President and CEO Jason Mills, took time to recognize the employees that have contributed outstanding work to the company throughout the 2017 year.

Sales Executive, Anthony Thompson, was recognized with a President’s Award for consistent hard work and producing at the highest levels. Operations Engineer, Russ Gonyer, was recognized as the Employee of the Year for his initiatives that have set him apart from his peers and his top quality performance.

As February wraps up, there are exciting things coming to Utility Telecom. The company is proud of the team that has produced quality work and service to customers, and is looking forward to its continued growth.