Help Us Save Lives This Passover!

Utility Telecom is asking for your help with donations to the Blessings for Passover foundation. The Blessings for Passover foundation is run by the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews (IFCJ). Their goal is to promote understanding between Christians and Jews, build broad support for Israel, and replace the history of discord with a relationship marked by dialogue, respect, and cooperation.

Your donation to the Blessings and Passover foundation will help with the cries and suffering of an elderly Holocaust survivor who has no one to care for them. As Jews and Christians, at the holiest time of the year, we should unite to help those that have experienced horrendous evil and are still suffering today under terrible conditions and oppression.

Please follow the link below to make a charitable donation for those in need. Between now and Easter, Utility Telecom will make a matching donation to your donation to the Blessings and Passover foundation. Please email after your donation is made so we can match our donation to yours. We appreciate your help in providing a special blessing to these precious Jewish Souls. 

Please donate here,