Why Choose Accession Communicator?

As a professional in any industry, you know the importance of being accessible to your team and customers. Whether you’re working from home or just on-the-go, open communication can be crucial for your business. Remote workers can stay connected using their laptops, but employees who are constantly on the road may face difficulties in staying connected.

While some companies choose to purchase mobile work phones for their employees, it can quickly add up. Other companies may encourage employees to use their personal cell phone numbers to conduct business, which can be inconvenient during non-work hours. And lastly, employees with no other options may end up completely disconnected from the team while they’re away.

Whatever your situation, the Accession Communicator app by Utility Telecom provides the perfect cost-efficient solution! With this app, your team members can take their personal cell phones to the next level, keeping them more connected than ever.

Key features:

  • In-App Dialer – With an in-app dialer, employees can make and receive phone calls from their VoIP phone while using their mobile device, allowing them to stay connected to their desk phone no matter where they are. While users are in a call, the app uses WiFi or the phone’s mobile data, depending on the user’s preference.
  • Voicemail Transcriptions – All missed calls and voicemails are automatically listed in the Accession Communicator app. Voicemails are accessible through the app as both audio and transcribed messages, and all transcribed messages can be forwarded to an email to read at a later time.
  • Chat Feature – The app also features a chat function that utilizes your company directory, allowing users to instant message one another using the mobile or desktop app. Next to each contact’s icon, users can see if contacts are online, busy, in a meeting, or on the phone in real time, allowing employees to stay connected wherever they are.


Add-on features include

  • Advanced Messaging Service with live operator backup, a service ideal for professionals that need to screen their calls. This feature works by directing incoming calls to a customizable pre-recorded menu. Most menus are set up to so users can dial the number 1 for emergencies or dial 2 for non-urgent calls. All non-urgent calls can be easy retrieved in the CommPortal as both audio and transcribed messages.
  • UFax Professional, a service for professionals who need access to their fax inbox. Messages that are received through UFax are HIPAA compliant.


Check out this video to see how Accession Communicator can be used in all situations: