Benefits of Choosing a Small Company

Today’s tech allows for search engines to be at a user’s fingertips. For the average business owner, this can be a great solution when searching for needed services.

Larger corporations will be found at the top due to either paid ads or the large number of consumers they have organically. This leaves smaller businesses at a disadvantage.

Before you click on that top-ranked web page, here are some reasons you should choose a small business for your company’s needs:

Small Businesses Give Back to the Local Community

Small businesses care about giving back and being involved within the community because it’s also their community. You’re more likely to see small business owners invest in events and local sponsorships to help the community because they care about their community.

They Offer a Different Type of Competition

Small business can’t always offer the same tier pricing as a large corporation, but they’re more likely to offer flexible price points that are personalized to your company. Small businesses work well with other small businesses and will go above and beyond to make their service accessible.

You’re Always Speaking to Someone Local

Large corporations have multiple call centers across cities, states, and even countries to handle the large volume of incoming calls they receive. Call centers can be frustrating for customers for two main reasons:

  1. Customers need technicians immediately and can’t get the response they need or
  2. Calls drop and customers don’t get connected to the same representative and have to explain their situation all over again.

Since small businesses have less incoming calls and call center representatives, customers can always reach the business and reach out to the specific individuals when needed.

Better Customer Service

With a smaller scale customer base, small businesses understand the importance of offering quality service. For a small business, each customer is a person with a name and a company to build a professional relationship with, not just another number needed to meet the quota.

Utility Telecom for Local Businesses

As a small business, we understand the importance of supporting the community; that’s why we sponsor local events that benefits the community while keeping families in mind. With our partnerships with Stockton Con Events, St. Mary’s High School, and involvement in other fun events that parents can enjoy with their children, we can help create a positive environment in Stockton, California, where our main office is located.

We offer competitive pricing for our business phone systems and internet and work hard to provide excellent service to strengthen the relationships we have with our customers both old and new. With our offices spread throughout California and Northern Nevada, we always have a real person available to handle technical issues and have strategically placed them in our areas of service to ensure assistance right away.

Interested in speaking to a representative? Give us a call at 209.949.4070 or learn more here!