Advanced Faxing Solutions

Fax machines have made their mark as a key office appliance. They’ve provided businesses many years of security, functionality, and simplicity across all users. But for small to medium sized businesses who don’t fax regularly, the cost of supplies and maintenance can be a hassle and multi-location faxing can be inefficient.

As more businesses update to a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) network, they may realize that VoIP networks don’t handle issues that come with fax machines. This means businesses that have embraced VoIP are forced to step backward and continue a phone-line for the fax machine.

Keep faxing, but ditch the machine

Utility Telecom now provides a simple and cheap alternative to a physical fax machine. With Utility Fax Professional, simply add a fax number to any individual employee. Messages are automatically presented as easy-to-work-with PDF files which can be emailed, forwarded, or printed out.

To send the PDF messages, users enter the destination fax number as the email address, for example, and the email will send out while the user will receive a confirmation of the completion.

For non PDF files, users can download a custom Utility Telecom printer drive which will allow them to send documents. A dialogue box will pop up for users to enter their phone numbers which will open a new window to observe the fax being delivered in real time.

Does this mean your business needs to get rid of its fax machine?

Absolutely not! While we encourage eliminating the physical fax machine, we are here to offer solutions for all. With a Fax HTTPS ATA Solution, businesses that would like to keep their physical fax machine are able to, while also gaining some advanced user capabilities.

To set up, a fax ATA device is set up on the business premise that is to be located behind the fax machine while staying connected to the internet. All calls are made by the fax machine and converted into HTTPS, with security certificates and encryption.

If there are issues with the fax machine, the system will queue and store messages and when the machine is working, faxes will start coming in.

All incoming and outgoing messages are available on Utility Telecom’s secure platform. You can log in and see them, or forward them using email. Messages that are read or reviewed within the security of Utility Telecom’s CommPortal are kept encrypted and secure. Users who do not have HIPAA requirements are able to forward messages to any email address.

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