How to Set Up an Auto Attendant for Your Business

Auto attendant service provides a flexible, efficient way to meet the needs of your customers when they call your business. With powerful capabilities and functions, your phone system can help keep business running smoothly, improve employee productivity, and minimize costs.

Compatible with your existing technology, auto attendant greets your callers with a personalized message and directs them to the appropriate person or department so that they aren’t waiting on hold until someone can assist them. Even if you’re tied up in a meeting or on another line, all calls are answered automatically within one or two rings, allowing your customers to leave a message or reach another department.

Establishing a Call Flow

When setting up an auto attendant, the most important element to consider is where each call stops. You don’t want your customers to be caught in an endless loop of options where no one answers their call. To avoid that disaster, think through the call routing details to ensure that all calls are answered in the most efficient way possible. For example:

  • What is the best route for incoming calls?
  • What happens to calls that route to an extension that’s busy?
  • If a customer calls after hours, what happens next?

Custom Greeting

Your main greeting is what every customer will hear when they call your company. Record a brief professional greeting that provides clear and easy to understand options for their call with a menu system that routes your callers internally. For example:

  • Press 1 for Sales
  • Press 2 for Support
  • Press 3 for Billing

With dial-by-name capability, your callers can search for the person they are trying to contact by entering the first few letters of their name. An operator option allows callers to skip the messages and menu, and connect to a live operator or receptionist.

While callers are waiting to be connected to an extension, enhance their experience with a pre-recorded message that includes helpful customer service tips or information about your new products or current promotions.

After Hours and Holiday Schedules

An auto attendant offers the flexibility to set up custom prompts and navigation to provide the most helpful user experience outside of business hours and on holidays. A schedule allows you to automatically route calls to a custom after hours menu at night or during the holidays so that your customers can get the help they need at anytime, even during non-business hours.

Business Benefits

With flexible features and options, auto attendant allows you to handle incoming calls in a professional manner, provide efficient call routing, serve your customers well, and meet your operational needs.

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